Thursday, September 10, 2009


We are Music Lovers.

We are Metal Heads.

We are Stubborn and Focused on one thing Only.

Your Success!

We are Your next option on this emptiness of everything called Internet. Through the Years, We have been working on the music side of business and We have found only one way to do it right with dedication and steady pushing to be found.

We simple do that push and push for You, So You can get heard, so You get more fans.
So You can get noticed!

Hoping that you find this Volume One Compilation attractive, We are Warning You "This is Only the Begining" of our path.

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Track List:

1. Helleluiah (feat. Ancesttral)

2. Layer of Days (feat. Dynahead)

3. Next Victim (feat. Machinage)

4. Flirting with the Devil (feat. Nox Eterna)

5. Ready (feat. Threat.)

6. I Saw (feat. Criogenia)

7. Reborn (feat. Necrosis)

8. Violence That Burns (feat. Nuclear)

9. On the Edge (feat. Slavery)

10. Your Empire Has Fallen (feat. Steelrage)

11. Spit Against the Sky (feat. UDK )

12. Damnation (feat. Downfire)