Thursday, June 10, 2010

Damnation by DOWNFIRE

"Damnation", the sophomore release of the US Metal band DOWNFIRE, presents a pretty rare combination of Heavy Metal. Even if I don't like to associate modern US Metal with the term Heavy Metal, DOWNFIRE's release slightly changed my way of thinking of this rather young sub-genre. The main reason is that this mix ensures that the ages of Metal, both new and old, will get their fair share in the band's material. What was interesting is that this sort of fair share didn't mean that they did half of the tracklist new or vice versa, it was a pretty much a well done infusion.


David Diaz (vocals, guitar)

Carlos Vega (guitar)

Ignacio Orellana (drums).

Audio Mixer: Caio Duarte.

Recording information: Ecstatica Studios, Port Jervis, NY.