Friday, August 20, 2021

Know Thyself by PIROSAINT

New York thrashers PIROSAINT have released a new full-length album, Know Thyself, via Digmetalworld in North America.

The album was recorded between 2013-2016 and 2020-2021 at Oily Sounds Studios NYC by Ignacio Orellana. The vocal tracks were recorded by Eduardo Vidal and Andrés Valdivieso in Santiago, Chile. All the guitar solos were recoded at Oily Sounds Studios by Ignacio Orellana, Angel Thorne Music CO LLC by Rob Thorne in Bethel, CT, except ‘Everyday’s War’, recorded by Regisson Silva in Sao Paulo, Brazil at his home studio.

‘Know Thyself’ will be digitally release on Friday Aug 20th, 2021 on the band’s Bandcamp page and Digmetalworld’s first.

Then, on Sep 01st on all the streaming platforms and the physical copies of the album will be distributed by MVD in North America and Europe.

08/20/2021 - Bandcamp

09/01/2021 - Streaming Services

11/21/2021 - Physical CDs

The tracklist for ‘Know Thyself’ contains new compositions, and some never released ones and also a special bonus track for the ones that follows the band from its beginnings back in 1989.

All the lyrics for ‘Know Thyself’ were written by Gonzalo Rodriguez and Ignacio Orellana.

All the music was written by Pirosaint, except

‘The Debt’ and ‘Faster than before’ by Gonzalo Rodriguez, Alfredo Vicencio and Ignacio Orellana.

‘Pirosaint’, by Gonzalo Rodriguez, Fransua Tapia, Paolo Maugart and Ignacio Orellana.

The cover illustration was created by Claudio Bergamin

Pirosaint are:

Gonzalo Rodriguez - Vocals

Bill Smith - Guitars

Ron Buckner - Bass

Ignacio Orellana - Drums